Allystar TAU1103 GNSS module

Allystar TAU1103 GNSS module


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TAU1103 GNSS module

TAU1103 is a cost-effective GNSS positioning module that is based on an HD8020 series GNSS chip. It supports GPS/QZSS, Galileo, and GLONASS. With a compact size and high integrated design, TAU1103 is easy to apply to navigation applications, especially friendly to a solution requiring a strict cost.



  • Low power consumption design
  • Active antenna short circuit protection and open circuit detection
  • Supports single-system independent positioning and multi-system positioning
  • State-of-art low power consumption
  • Supports A-GNSS feature
  • Compatible with mainstream GPS modules


the detailed documents: 

TAU1103-datasheet [T-5-2107-TAU1103 Datasheet-V1.4]

Tiny EVK

If you want to test this module, please refer to the following tiny evk.

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