ATH-3601 Helix Antenna for high precision RTK


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  • more stable performance of wide-angle circular polarization (WACP), and smaller antenna phase center deviation (PCV), which ensures a more precise positioning accuracy.
  • track visible satellites under challenging conditions, providing positioning solutions with high precision and reliable data. Its stable phase center guarantees the accuracy of positioning within millimeter level, which can be widely used in plant protection, tree lines, also for UAV power patrol, GIS surveying where high precision operations are needed.
  • The antenna LNA features excellent out-of-band rejection performance, which can suppress electromagnetic interference, providing the stability and reliability of GNSS signals. Also, it effectively avoids disconnection dangerous when UAVs are operated under the tower and electric power patrol
  • The lightweight and small size antenna can lighten loads of UAVs, as well as a standard SMA male connector for easy integration. Its IP67 ruggedized design can protect it from dust and water. 


  • Support GPS/GLONASS/GALILEO/BDS/QZSS signal reception
  • Stable phase center guarantees the accuracy of positioning within the millimeter level
  • Strong anti-interference ability to endure the harsh operating environments
  • 25g lightweight for lower power consumption 
  • IP65 ruggedize protection

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